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Editorial 2015 y mas
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Sustainable Environmental Policies Coherent with Human Development

Sustainable Environmental Policies Coherent with Human Development

Papeles 2015 y más, nº 24 (EN)
Temática: Coherencia de políticas, Desarrollo Sostenible.
Autoría: Natalia Millán Acevedo
Año de Publicación: 2015
This article aims to describe environmental policy analysis in the construction of a Policy Coherence for Development Index (PCDI) developed by Plataforma 2015 y más. Following this introduction, the second section explains the basic elements to be considered when analysing environmental policies and is in turn followed by sections describing the theory underpinning the four policies comprising the block of environmental policies included in the PCDI: energy policy, biodiversity policy, rural development and agricultural policy and fisheries policy.

The paper concludes with a few thoughts on the need to create tools to promote change in economic and productive systems that have not only become unsustainable from an environmental perspective but are also incompatible with the sort of equitable human development able to guarantee the rights of all the world’s people.